Risk Compass

Comprehensive risk analysis empowers optimal decision-making

Risk Compass provides high-quality data, robust and accurate analysis models, and methodologies to help customers identify, control and manage risks, as well as improve efficiency in investment decision-making.

What Risk Compass offers you

Multi-dimensional credit analysis models

Moody's effectively integrates fintech, ESG and global leading credit analysis methodologies with domestic traditional financial business, helping users gain multi-level, efficient and accurate insights into credit performance of issuers, sectors and debts.

Acute risk warning

Continuously and efficiently monitor issuer's credit profile, bond transaction, domestic and international information and industry trends, provide timely and intuitive risk early warning signals through intelligent quantitative early warning models, and assist users in establishing a comprehensive risk warning system.

Bond valuation reflecting intrinsic value

Based on the risk-neutral pricing theory, it’s able to objectively reflect the intrinsic fair value of bonds, meet market demands for valuation of various bonds, and support users to build a relative value investment strategy.

High-quality data

It provides high-quality meso, macro, corporate-level and ESG data that can effectively support users' comprehensive researches. In addition, users can also leverage dynamic information (e.g., real-time sentiment and bond transactions) it provides to monitor market performance at high frequency, thus accelerating their decision-making.

Main functions

Moody’s Analytics Fundamental Implied Rating

Moody’s Analytics Fundamental Implied Rating evaluates credit profile of bond issuers in different industries, of different scales and ownership structures based on financial and non-financial fundamentals. The model combines rating methodologies from Moody's Investors Service, data analysis, and modeling technologies of Moody's Analytics, with data characteristics of bond issuers in the Chinese market.


Moody's Analytics' Financial Statement Information Quotient (FSIQ) provides an in-depth, multi-dimensional analysis of financial statement abnormalities, completeness, and violations of accounting articulation compared to peers. The tool provides a quantitative FSIQ score and a detailed FSIQ analysis report to facilitate early warning and monitoring of a company's financial statements at various levels.

Credit Sentiment Score

Credit Sentiment Score (CSS) is a risk model designed to analyze relevant public information of a company and monitor its credit signals. Based on Moody’s Analytics Credit Sentiment Score methodology, it is further optimized for the China market. CSS provides a flexible and convenient way to help user with researching and tracking adverse signals of entities.

Bond valuation

The bond valuation model adopts a risk-neutral valuation framework to output fair value and credit spread of bonds based on the risk characteristics of bonds and market’s risk appetite. It is highly immune to irrational factors such as market liquidity and market sentiment, thus capable of providing model support for managing net worth, developing a relative value investment strategy, identifying mispriced bonds and betting on interest spread overshoot.

ESG and Sustainability Analysis

The ESG and Sustainability Analysis module offers a full range of green finance solutions for enterprise level ESG evaluation, carbon emission estimate and climate risk assessment, from underlying data, analytics evaluation, to practical applications. The tool can help users incorporate the idea of responsible investment into investment process, enhance accumulation and management of ESG data, strengthen existing risk management system, and realize the green transformation of their own operations and investments.

Sector Analysis

Moody's Analytics' sector analysis models integrate multi-dimensional information such as sector performance and sector business climate indicators, providing a set of integrated evaluation indexes and detailed analysis for each segment. These indexes form a quantitative evaluation system to help users comprehensively and precisely track industry dynamics, identify risks and opportunities in time.

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