Risk Compass

Risk Compass enables decision-making with confidence

Risk Compass offers a comprehensive way to evaluate credit risks, identify early warnings, price financial instruments, and understand counterparties. It covers a majority of public entities and issuers in China, as well as almost all active credit bonds and their historical transactions dating back 30 years.

Credit Analytics

Road-tested credit risk analytics on public firms, issuers, LGFVs, regions, and industry sectors in China

Early Warning

Early warning signals on entities, industry sectors, and market dynamics through fundamental and alternative analyses

Intrinsic Value of Bonds

Risk-neutral valuations that are less affected by market noises, as another view of your investments

Curated Data

A full picture of the market drawn by financial statement analyses, real-time sentiment scores from news articles, and more

Analytical Modules

Moody's Analytics Fundamental Implied Rating

Our probability of default models and implied ratings help you understand credit risk of entities with different sizes, industry sectors, and ownership structures. These models are tested and accepted by market practitioners and take into consideration specific characteristics of the entities in China.


FSIQ analyzes financial statement abnormalities, completeness, and violations of accounting articulations through comparisons with peers and historical information. Leveraging machine learning techniques, this data-driven module provides in-depth analysis of a company's financial statements.

Credit Sentiment Score

Empowered by natural language processing, this module analyzes over 10,000 entities with Chinese-language credit sentiment derived from millions of news articles.

Bond Valuation

Based on the risk appetite of the market and the riskiness of bonds, our valuation module computes fair values and credit spreads for your investments. It provides alternative insights for you to manage net worth, identify mispriced bonds, and develop investment strategies.

Sector Analysis

Industry sector performance data and business climate indicators help you define strategies, track business cycles, identify risks and unlock opportunities.

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